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We created ultra-soft Swaddles with sleeves to mimic the womb. Giving your baby more comfort and security allowing for better and more peaceful sleep. We also provide other high-quality baby products at affordable prices.

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Every parent hopes to provide their baby with the best quality baby products. However, many parents have to choose between high-quality baby products or affordable baby products. That is why our brand strives to provide parents and babies with high quality baby products at affordable prices so they don’t have to choose. Our brand began with the introduction of our original swaddle with sleeves design and expanded to include many other high quality baby products. Our Swaddle Of Joy Original is a unique custom baby swaddle that makes swaddling easy and effortless.

Our Swaddle Of Joy Original provides your baby with comfort and security while they adjust to life outside the womb; by mimicking a womb. Swaddling is known to help babies sleep better. It helps prevent babies from flailing their arms and legs which often triggers a startle reflex causing them to wake up. However, while some swaddles are too easy for babies to fight out of, others are too restrictive that may cause a negative impact on their growth and development. This makes our original Swaddle Of Joy, the perfect swaddle.

Unlike traditional swaddles, the Swaddle Of Joy Original has sleeves on the inside of the swaddle giving your baby more comfort and security. The breathable and stretchy material allows your baby to move their arms and legs around inside the swaddle, while the sleeves prevent them from taking their arms out. Thus, allowing movement for your baby while preventing their startle reflex and ultimately giving your baby better sleep. Like our swaddles, each of our high-quality products are made keeping you and your babies best interest in mind.

We stand behind each of our products, providing the best quality fabrics and designs.

Give the gift of Swaddle Of Joy to your bundle of joy. Parents need it, babies deserve it.

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