Burp Cloth White (3-pack)

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A high-quality baby burp cloth made to be extremely gentle on your baby’s skin. Our burp cloth is soft and more luxurious than standard burp cloths. Babies are born with brand new skin that is very sensitive. It is crucial for babies to have burp cloths that are gentle on their skin and prevent scratches and irritation. Our burp cloths are multi-purpose and can be used to burp your baby in various positions. The size of our burp cloths is ideal to make use easy and versatile. The material of our burp cloth is lightweight, soft and easy on your baby’s skin. Our baby burp cloths are made with higher quality, softer fabrics which means they kept their softness even after being washed numerous times. The wash cloth comes in the perfect size of 23 cm by 48 cm and can be used at any age of your baby. Their modern and trendy colors fit all styles and make the perfect gifts. The Swaddle of Joy Burp Cloth is made of 100% cotton.

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2 reviews for Burp Cloth White (3-pack)

  1. Fatima Quadri

    A definite buy. The size and the quality are amazing!

  2. Sana Z

    love the quality of this product!

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