Feeding Apron Bib with Sleeves Red

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An easy to clean feeding apron bib made to ensure less cleaning for parents. Our baby feeding apron is soft and wipeable. Babies are known to love creating messes while they eat. They explore through touch. However, cleaning the mess after each feed can be difficult and that is why our feeding apron is the perfect solution. Our feeding apron ensures food or liquid does not ruin your babies’ clothes. It is made of a material that is easy to wipe and wash, as well as quick to dry. Our feeding apron has sleeves and a body with an opening at the back to make it easy to put on or slide off. The design of our feeding apron ensures the baby’s upper body is fully covered with the exception of the back to allow parents to carefully take the apron off without spreading the mess. Our feeding aprons are made with high quality, polyester fibers which means the mess can be easily wiped off. The feeding apron comes in the perfect size of 40.5 cm height and grows with your baby into the toddler years and beyond. Our recommended age of use is 6+ months. Their modern and trendy colors and patterns fit all styles and make the perfect gifts. The Swaddle of Joy Feeding Apron Bib With Sleeves is made of 100% EVA and polyester.

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4 reviews for Feeding Apron Bib with Sleeves Red

  1. Jenna

    the best feeding apron! so easy to clean with water or just a wipe. ordering more!

  2. Karima S

    Bought it for my 8 month old niece who just started solids. Its soooo easy to wipe or you can rinse and dry in minutes!

  3. Jill Wanders

    Can not recommend this product enough. It is absolutely amazing! Its so easy to wipe and covers my son well enough to not let anything get dirty! Do yourself a favor and buy it!

  4. Leona Wagner

    As a mom of 4 children all I need to say is, get these. The are not like the other feeding bibs or aprons. They literally can be wiped or rinse easy. And they dry so fast. I got a bunch for my 3 boys and it is money well spent. I just wish they had more colors to choose from.

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