Hooded Towel Clouds

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A high-quality baby towel with extra fabric added to one corner to create a hood. Our hooded towels are very useful for babies and small children. Research suggests it is very important to cover a baby’s head as they can lose a lot of body heat in a short amount of time when their heads are uncovered. This is especially important when their head is wet after a bath. Our hooded towels help cover your baby’s head after a bath while ensuring his body is also enclosed in the towel. The size of our hooded towel is ideal to keep your baby snug after a bath and grows with your baby into the toddler years. The material of our hooded towel makes our towel lightweight, soft and easy on your baby’s skin. The hooded towel comes in the perfect size of 70 cm by 70 cm and can be used at any age of your baby. Their modern and trendy patterns fit all styles and make the perfect gifts. The Swaddle of Joy Hooded Towel is made of 100% cotton.

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3 reviews for Hooded Towel Clouds

  1. Claire H.

    Great job with the quality and size. Bought two for my newborn and toddler!

  2. Karima S

    Bought one for my niece and love the quality and size!

  3. Leona Wagner

    I was skeptical because the price it was at was quite low compared the high quality ones on the market but I can assure these are just as great, if not better. Wish they had more colors or patterns but for this price, I ordered more!

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