Swaddle Of Joy Original Paci Purple

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The only swaddle with sleeves designed to help your baby feel safe and secure as it adjusts to life outside the womb. The sleeves in the swaddle give your babies security and comfortability, allowing them to move their hands in the swaddle while preventing your babies from taking their arms out of the swaddle. Our Original Swaddles have three easy steps that make swaddling simple and effortless. They were created to help prevent your babies from triggering their startle reflex allowing them to sleep longer and better. The Swaddle of Joy Original comes in 3 sizes and should be used according to your baby’s weight: Small (preemie to newborn 6-9lbs), Medium (0 to 3 months, 9-13lbs), and Large (3-9 months, 13-19lbs). Our swaddle is a necessity in the home of every new parent and makes the perfect gift. The Swaddle of Joy Original is made of a breathable luxurious knit blend of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton.

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Large (3 to 9 months, 13lbs to 19lbs), Medium (0 to 3 months, 9lbs to 13lbs), Small (Preemie to NB, 6lbs to 9lbs)

7 reviews for Swaddle Of Joy Original Paci Purple

  1. Amrita P.

    My husband and I love it! Our baby loves it and sleeps so peacefully in it. Mind you, we have only tried it once however, this is the first time our baby slept without throwing a fit so we are impressed. Can we get our hands on some adult sizes now? Haven’t slept properly in weeks lol

  2. Becky

    NOT going to lie…the shipping charges hurt a little. The product is completely worth it but just wish there were different shipping methods other than Canada Post cuz they’re charging an arm and a leg. Regardless, product is amazing.

  3. Fatima Quadri

    Had the pleasure of trying out the product before the launch and just came back to purchase a few for family and friends. It is so soft and luxurious. Love that it allows for movement while still keeping babies swaddles.

  4. Leona Wagner

    I AM FINALLY ABLE TO GET SLEEP! I can not express how much I love these! I have 4 children. My youngest (1 month old) is such an escape artist. The nurses at the hospital would joke and tell us “she keeps escaping the swaddle no matter how tight or how many times we do it”. My concern was not that she is escaping. My concern was, she kept pulling the blanket over her head. It was scaring me to the point that I would wake up throughout the night to make sure she hasn’t pulled it over her face. It was horrible. I saw a tiktok video of a lady who had a similar problem and she used these swaddles so I ordered them. My daughter loves the swaddles, and I finally get to sleep more. That is all. Thank you.

  5. Danny Cooper

    Got this one for my daughter and the material is lovely. So gently on her skin and love the sleeves ability to give her movement but keep her swaddled.

  6. Panzardi

    Ok! You guys are a freaking life saver! I sleep over 6 hours because of this swaddle! It’s calms and helps my baby sleep longer and better! I love you guys!!!! I’m definitely a happy camper. 100% RECOMMENDED !! 10/10

  7. Mark

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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