Wearable Blanket Sleep Sack Pink

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A comfortable baby wearable blanket with buttons to allow your baby to sleep enclosed in a safe blanket. Our sleep sacks are a safer option for your baby as they replace the needs for blankets and loose material in the crib. The material of our sleep sack makes it lightweight, soft and easy on your baby’s skin. Our sleep sacks are easy to put on your baby and allow your baby to sleep comfortably. Simply unbutton the shoulder of the sleep sack, put your baby’s feet in first, pull the wearable blanket up, and button it back up on the shoulder (making sure your babies arms come are outside of the armholes). Please ensure to use the correct wearable blanket size on your baby according to your baby’s height. Our sleep sack comes in 1 universal size and is ideal to keep your baby snug: 3+ months ( length 80 cm). We recommend you stop using the wearable blanket on your baby once your baby’s feet reach 1 inch above the bottom of the blanket while wearing the sleep sack. Their modern and trendy patterns fit all styles and make the perfect gifts. The Swaddle of Joy Wearable Blanket Sleep Sack has a TOG rating of 1.0 and is made of 100% Fleece.

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5 reviews for Wearable Blanket Sleep Sack Pink

  1. Claire H.

    100% recommended. Will be ordering the other colors as well. Safe and effective.

  2. Karima S

    Bought it for my 8-month old niece and its perfect for this crazy Canadian Weather!

  3. Sana Z

    Recommended! Recommended! Recommended!

  4. Shamim K

    If you buy this, you wont have to worry about sizing up and buying another one. Grows with your baby.

  5. Danny Cooper

    I recieved it a few days ago for my daughter and I have to say…I love that it unzips from the bottom up. Easy diaper changes and lovely materiel.

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