Milestone Blanket Butterfly Garden

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A lovely multi-purpose blanket that grows with your baby. Use as a blanket or as a beautiful backdrop to capture some amazing photos of your baby. The size and design of the blanket is ideal allowing you to take pictures of your baby at every milestone. Our milestone blankets are lightweight, soft and easy on your baby’s skin. Each blanket comes with two props to be used as markers on the blanket when taking the photo to showcase the milestone the picture was taken at. The instructions to take a picture with our milestone blanket are simple: spread out the blanket on the ground, place your little one on it, use the creative props to mark the day/month/year, and snap your pictures. The milestone blanket comes in the perfect size of 100 cm by 75 cm. Their modern and trendy patterns fit all styles and make the perfect gifts. For an extra touch, customize your blanket on our customizable page with a name. The Swaddle of Joy Milestone Blanket is made of 100% flannel.

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4 reviews for Milestone Blanket Butterfly Garden

  1. Jenna

    love that it comes with the props. the material quality is also amazing.

  2. Claire H.

    The blanket itself is so soft and perfect. Love the design for milestone pictures. A great deal!

  3. Fatima Quadri

    LOVE THAT IT COMES WITH THE PROPS! and its super soft and beautiful.

  4. Mariyah N

    Love the material and that it comes with the objects to place on the month and number! And its super soft. Will definitely be doubling it as a blankey later!

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